Unwilling From Earth

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A friend with god-like technology, an alien army, a galactic war.

Although no humans know it, Earth is full of alien tourists – and some are there for other reasons! When Mark discovers an alien in his workplace, he pleads to be taken away from his dull and pointless life. Events quickly overtake him, and he soon wishes he had stayed back on Earth. Life may have been boring there, but at least no one was trying to kill him!

Can Mark stay alive and defeat a psychopathic reptile whose armies are set to overwhelm all the free civilizations in the galaxy? Maybe not, but he’ll have a damn good try!

Unwilling From Earth is a humorous military space opera. This is a fun and immersive story with a cast of characters you’ll love. If you like Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy and the Starship Troopers movie, you’ll love this book!

What readers say – taken from reviews on Amazon.com:

By Michael Hammond:
Couldn’t put it down. Read it straight through until I had to go to work in the morning

By gcsummers13:
Quick wit with a few, “don’t look now but, look out” thrown In everywhere. All that and a lot of action

By the sentinel:
Great book, a wonderful and different view of the universe.

By PMSteve:
…one of the best character driven SciFi novels that I’ve read

By Miker:
This was refreshingly different and upbeat. I get tired of endless space battles and detailed descriptions of different ways of killing and being killed, which this book keeps to a minimum. I enjoyed the mind blowing alien technology and how a present day human adapts to it, however unwilling at first.

By Stephen Hunt:
There’s a real spark and zest to this novel, along with sharp observation

By Paul Steele:
I’ve been reading sci-fi for forty years, some heavy, some light. But one thing I realized is that it all boils down to a good story. And this is a good story

By rexwen2000:
This is only the second or third book I have reviewed, high praise in itself. Well written, easy to follow and hard to put down

By Gregory Knight:
Fast and fun, a very good story told with clarity and charm

Get ready for a sleepless night, you won’t want to put this down!

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