First Of The First

First Of The First picks up directly from the end of Unwilling From Earth where Mark says, “This will be interesting!” It turns out that that his passengers, Mike, (the female reptile soldier who also happens to be the unwilling heir to the throne of one of the largest empires in the galaxy), and Sally (or Sah Lee, the commander of the biggest independent army in the galaxy), aren’t very impressed.

But then… events start to unfold which set them off on a hilarious adventure where things just don’t go how they think they should.

Join Mark, Sally and Mike and many of their old friends who you will be familiar with from Unwilling From Earth and Hunter, Warrior, Commander as Mike’s destiny catches up with her. Mike decides that she can take control of her destiny and then get on with her life.

That can’t be difficult. Can it?

Recent reviews:

The continued adventures of Mark and his fascinating alien friends are great sci fi with a quirky British flare. Mike is hilarious; Mark and Mike together are a riot. I look forward to reading book 3.

Nothing less than expected. I have enjoyed all the books so far in this universe. Andrew Maclure has once again delivered an outstanding book.

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