Trigger Alert!

I had a lot of fairly blunt feedback from a small percentage of my American readers about the use of English spelling and idioms in Unwilling From Earth, so I wrote Hunter, Warrior, Commander with American English spelling and tried to avoid all English specific idioms ā€“ I made up a lot of alien idioms instead. Having discussed this with many American and English authors whose readership is also mainly American, the consensus was that the vast majority of American readers are quite happy with reading English spelling and idioms, so it seems I wasted my time. (Sigh.)

If you have any opinions about books in American English if you are English, or written in British English if you are American, please leave a comment below.

5 thoughts on “Trigger Alert!

  1. I don’t care if you use British English, American English, or any other English as long as you continue to write great stories. Whatever floats your boat.

  2. This American didn’t mind one bit. Loved “Unwilling From Earth” and it definitely didn’t slow down my reading one iota. Write your way, just keep ’em coming!

  3. As an American I will say – I got it. Sincerely, I enjoyed your series. Please keep up the good work. Iā€™m a long time fan of JRR Tolkien to name one of my favorite English authors.šŸ––šŸ½

  4. Stick to what you know. Add in the Pommie idioms as an Aussie I’d do the same. If they don’t understand – Google is your friend. You are actually educating your readers :]

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